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  • Cell Phones

To maintain relaxation please turn off during sessions. Thank you.​

  • Clothing

During your session, you may disrobe to your comfort level.  We are highly trained professionals and will appropriately cover and drape you to ensure your privacy and comfort.

  • Pregnancy

It is contraindicated to receive heat treatments or deep pressure.  We have specialized pregnancy pillows to accommodate mom's baby belly to safely and comfortably lay face down.

  • Medical Conditions

You will fill out an intake form on your first scheduled session.  Please inform us of any changes or concerns with each future sessions, your professional will update your profile. Your information is private and only accessed by the professional. You are liable for personal discloser to your professional. 

  • Client Rights Policy

We treat everyone equally regardless of gender, religion and race. You have the right to refuse, cancel or stop a service at any time. We collect relevant information directly from you at your first visit. We use your data for the purpose it has been taken for and for lawful purpose. We store your data securely and will disclose your information with business/treatment purpose and/or your permission. We do not offer insurance claim services. We do produce a receipt after your treatment that you may independently submit to your insurance for possible coverage. ​

  • Cancellations

Your scheduled appointment is especially for you.  Please try and cancel with advanced notice. Please Confirm you are Healthy and have not been around a contagious illness individual, if you have, please reschedule your apt 2 weeks from your scheduled date. We provide reservation reminders via email and or text. Please contact us respectfully if you need to cancel and or reschedule. *We do not have a cancellation charge.

*Cancellation notice protocol // Repeat occurrence of no show *2x without prior notice, you will be notified* your 3rd reservation will require a cc on file.  This "3rd chance" reservation requires notice of cancelation 8 hours prior, if noncompliant  you will be billed 50% of the no showed service reserved. 

  • Professional Licensed and Insured

We are Licensed and Insured. All professionals is a qualified licensed professional. We have a high level of enforced work and health safety policies. We provide professional services and obtain good standing with the state and professional licensing boards.

  • Advertising

We advertise ethically. We do not claim to cure, diagnose or treat.

  • Payment

We accept payment of credit cards, debit cards, cash, tap, apple, android/google pay and checks.  All services listed on website does not include tax or gratuity. In person and online transactions are available options.


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